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Our Promise
So here's our promise to you:
Together, we'll negotiate an action plan that's fair to both of us.
(We'll work with you on time-lines and compensations that keeps both of our bottom-lines happy.)
We'll keep communication lines open.
(So we both know what to expect.)
When we commit, we deliver.
(On time.  With no surprises.)

  And it all comes with
    the honest integrity
     of an old-fashioned
We'll tell you what happened to it.  It's right here.
It's the way we do business.   Where everyone wins.

How many times have you heard this and chuckled?
The choice is yours:
        You can have it good and fast, or
                       You can have it fast and cheap, or
                                      You can have it cheap and good.
Yeah... us too.  Got a real tickle out of it....
Like us, you might have asked yourself, "What ever
happened to doing business the old-fashioned way?
With cooperation?  And understanding?
When a handshake meant something to
both sides, and
neither took nor felt taken advantage of?"
Until we needed something fast, cheap and  good!
A handshake means honest integrity.