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Primary Craft or Hand Arts Medium:  plastic canvas
Skill Level: beginner+
Size: 4" x 4" x 4"
7-count plastic canvas, embellishments
Specialty Tools and/or Equipment: none
Pattern Includes: charts, instructions
General Technique Project: no
Suggested Applications: home decor, gift, garden
This quick-to-construct frog is meant to
cuddle up next to (and a little under) a
planter or flowerpot.   Repositionable, too,
so he'll fit in many gardenscapes.  With
stars-in-his-eyes, his top hat and fly on his
tongue, he'll bring a touch of humor to any
indoor or outdoor decor.

Mostly cutting, with just a touch of
construction sewing, this is just the first in a
potential pet pal set or series.
Whimsical Frog Plant Pal
Whimisical plastic canvas frog figure.