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Primary Craft or Hand Arts Medium:  plastic canvas
Skill Level: Beginner
Size: varies
Materials: 7-count plastic canvas, yarn
Specialty Tools and/or Equipment: none
Pattern Includes: chart, instructions
General Technique Project: no
Suggested Applications: kids, gift, bazaar, home
decor, garden
This is an hour-long project that really brings a
bang-for-its-buck!  It'll add a splash of color to any
plant, in any season.

Stitched in a rainbow herringbone pattern,
this quick and easy project is a nice way to put
yarn remnants to use.  

Adaptable to fit all flower pots sizes.  Would be
fun as tote or catch-all in the kitchen, bath or
bed rooms, too.
Plastic Canvas
Rainbow Herringbone
Flowerpot Collar
A decorative collar for flower pots stitched on plastic canvas.